by z0xy

Hey Dear readers, well as these days have come there are some group of neophyte anonfags as usual who deface sites. well as in my opinion about defacing it is the proving evidence of dumbness and attention whoring.


well back to topic! this week , there is a group called kdms team that is from palestina and run by some shitty arabs. well everyone talks about them being proffesional hackers. well i have a disagree against that… I mean just because they deface rapid7,avira,whatsapp,bitdefender,avg! by using dns hijacking also called dns poisioning!

i mean i can call that it is decent to hack a registrar that holds big websites, but by changing the DNS servers (domain name system), that is just like changing settings on youre webpage, nothing else.. well the only comment i have is: Gay neophytes.

obs: they can’t even code a own deface page instead uses other deface pages.

Opinion about networksolutions.com

opinion: if you are a registrar and can’t even protect the dns settings against hijacking and getting hacked, please go and sell the company so cheap as a prostitutes.